Stay alert to Covid-19 data protection issues

There is unfortunately still much uncertainty about when we are back to “normal” life in the UK. The ‘new normal’ will most definitely include new rules and procedures at the workplace when offices start to reopen. Read our correspondent’s analysis of the data protection implications at the workplace.

We recently carried out a survey to find out about the challenges that DPOs encounter due to the pandemic. There are implications across the board: for remote working, data security, processing employee data etc. Read how organisations are tackling these issues. Normal compliance work, for example processing Subject Access Requests has not gone away – in fact some organisations are seeing an influx of requests relating to furloughing and employee health records. While employers may ask staff whether they have Coronavirus symptoms, they should not ask unrelated questions, for example about underlying medical conditions, or symptoms not associated with Covid-19. The NHSX contact tracing app may help to control the virus but has privacy implications.

If home working and social distancing continues for the rest of the year for many, it will undoubtedly create a new work culture in some organisations. DPOs may become more reliant on webinars and online team meetings to exchange information. Privacy Laws & Business will soon launch a value-added way for you to connect with our expert consultants to address your specific questions during an initial half-an-hour consultation.

In this issue, to keep you well-informed, we bring you updates on AI legislative developments, how to choose your legal basis for adtech, the implications of the Supreme Court’s Morrisons vicarious liability decision, top tips on managing data breaches, data protection issues for SMEs, DP issues in scientific research and an interview with the ICO award winner.

Laura Linkomies
Editor, Privacy Laws & Business

May 2020