Coronavirus survey reveals broad impact on DP practices

A PL&B survey indicates ways to maintain a compliance culture, confidentiality and data security. By Laura Linkomies.

Some 60% of organisations that took part in a PL&B survey are collecting data about employees’ health status and possible symptoms of Covid-19, but 56% do not inform other staff of those infected. The survey, Data protection challenges created by the Coronavirus pandemic, ran between 16 April and 8 May, and gathered views from 82 organisations in the UK, consisting of 62 PL&B clients and prospects, and 20 members of the Society for Computers and Law.

As organisations carry out and update their risk assessments, the results of this survey will assist you in considering the issues that should be addressed. The new challenges are not just limited to processing information about an employee’s health, but also ongoing DP compliance work and remote working. This survey measured organisations’ response to these issues and additional challenges encountered.

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