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International Data Protection:

CJEU: EU-US Safe Harbor framework is invalid

United Kingdom Data Protection:

ICO to meet new minister and address the ECJ’s Safe Harbor decision

United Kingdom Freedom of Information:

Government Commission to review Freedom of Information Act

  • Includes: What future for Big Data?; Trilogue negotiations on EU DP Regulation start again; Accountability means making DP part of companies’ DNA

  • Registration now open for PL&B's 
    29th International Conference

    4 – 6 July 2016
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  • Includes: ECJ to decide on territorial scope of EU DP Directive; Trilogue commits to adopt EU DP Regulation by end of 2015; How can UN special rapporteur help to harmonise privacy laws?

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  • Registration now open for PL&B's 
    29th International Conference

    4 – 6 July 2016
    St John's College, Cambridge, UK

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