Consulting and auditing




Want to know what the law says? What the law means for you? What you should you do to implement an effective data protection compliance system? How should you build privacy into your corporate, marketing or PR strategies?

In many cases, there is a specific issue which leads to the consultancy project. We will address that issue but also explain the other privacy areas which demand attention.

One of the essential themes of our approach is the ability to think laterally about the issues presented. The solution may lie in the application of legal analysis, advice and appropriate management techniques.

One-day Health Check Audit

To prepare for a Data Protection Authority audit, or just to ensure that your data protection compliance programme is on track, we offer a cost-effective one-day audit.

Choose the areas which you would like to have audited (e.g. marketing, HR, organisational security, training etc) in one location. Our auditor will spend one day on site and provide you with an action orientated report. A pre-agreed list of issues will ensure that you will get maximum benefit from the day.


Our auditing services include:

  • Gap analyses for clients without data protection systems
  • Data protection audits for clients with existing systems
  • Data protection audits for multinational companies
  • Producing customised auditing questionnaires and checklists for specific processes such as GDPR compliance, recruitment, marketing and complaint-handling.

A typical audit project involves:

  • Risk assessment
  • Developing internal audit schedules and pre-audit questionnaires
  • Holding preparatory meetings
  • Reviewing data protection documentation and compiling audit reports
  • Drawing up departmental and process audit checklists and audit plans
  • Conducting on-site compliance audits including opening meetings, departmental and data lifecycle audits and staff awareness interviews
  • Reporting findings via audit reports and associated non-compliance records, observation notes and corrective action
  • Conducting closing meetings and dealing with audit follow-up activities.

Please contact us to discuss your consulting or auditing requirements.