Calls for legislation to secure privacy for contact tracing app

Parliament’s Human Rights Committee and a group of academics are recommending that the NHSX contact tracing app for the Coronavirus should be based on primary legislation. By Laura Linkomies.

The contact tracing app being developed by NHSX(1) to help the UK to come out of lockdown measures has stirred up many questions about the app’s privacy aspects. Whilst we are still waiting for the Data Protection Impact Assessment by the NHSX(2) to be made public, a pilot has started on the Isle of Wight to assess how the app works in practice.

Parliament’s joint Committee on Human Rights, on 7 May, issued its report which recommends primary legislation. (3) The Committee also says that a Digital Contact Tracing Human Rights Commissioner should be responsible for oversight, and deal with complaints. In addition, there should be a regular review every 21 days by the Health Minister on the app’s efficacy.

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