Keeping up with AI is a challenge

There are so many privacy developments in AI governance. This issue will give you a good insight into some of the most recent news. The US Executive Order pushes the US to the lead in AI governance (1 & 2) as the EU, with its complex decision-taking structure, has been delayed in adopting its AI Act. EU DPAs are alert and conduct their own investigations on AI but also unite at the European Data Protection Board to construct common positions. There is an important role for lawyers and DPOs now that market practices are developing. Privacy must be baked into products but also into organisations’ AI governance, as our correspondent says.

But thoughtful public policy decisions are difficult to make when we do not fully understand the opportunities and risks with using AI, nor the impact on society as a whole.

Specifically working on privacy and new technologies is the International Working Group on Data Protection in Technology (the Berlin Group) which issues working papers on specific themes. The German-led group provided an update at the DPAs’ Global Privacy Assembly in Bermuda, saying it works especially closely with the UK ICO and France’s CNIL (3) to develop future technology monitoring so that DPAs can issue privacy-friendly advice at an early stage of development of these technologies.

In Bermuda, views were exchanged on the new EU-US Data Privacy Framework, which will inevitably face challenges, as well as enforcement cooperation, AI, risk based approaches and more.

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As this is the last edition for 2023, I would like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your support and feedback (more needed though!). We are privileged to work with so many talented people, especially our PL&B Correspondents.

Laura Linkomies
Editor, Privacy Laws & Business

  1. Creating an AI governance framework: US and EU take steps to lead
  2. President Biden’s Executive Order on AI shows privacy is foundational to responsible AI
  3. Berlin Group - International Working Group on Data Protection in Technology

December 2023