Creating an AI governance framework: US and EU take steps to lead

The EU is finalising its AI Act while the US adopts a Presidential Executive Order on AI and creates an Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute. How are companies preparing? By Laura Linkomies.

The EU is still in the middle of the Trilogue process between the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Commission. In October, they agreed on wording addressing important classification rules for high-risk artificial intelligence (AI) systems, but there are still other aspects to be finalised. There will be a certification regime for high-risk AI systems, and the Commission now needs to come up with examples of high-risk use cases. The next Trilogue is scheduled for 6 December, but it is not certain that the file will be agreed then. Postponing a decision until 2024 presents additional challenges and possible delay due to the June 2024 elections of the European Parliament which had adopted its negotiating position in June 2023.(1)

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