Taking the plunge

Is going from a corporate data protection lawyer to an independent on your radar? Alison Deighton tells what is has been like for her and Jenai Nissim at HelloDPO.

Remember the run up to 25 May 2018? If, like me, you were in private practice at that time you were undoubtedly exhausted. Trying to finalise yet another set of GDPR policies, drafting your 999th GDPR compliant privacy notice, supporting clients with how to prepare ROPAs, delivering awareness training, explaining for the millionth time why it was probably not necessary to re-consent an entire database…

The fateful day arrived, and as well as bringing GDPR into force, 25 May 2018 was also my last day practising as a lawyer in a large corporate firm. No, GDPR had not tipped me over the edge (although looking back, it came quite close), rather I had decided with my colleague Jenai Nissim to step away from life with a large firm and set up a small boutique firm specialising only in information law matters.

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