How compliant can you be in the ad tech industry?

What is ad tech and how does it work? By Jenai Nissim and Alison Deighton of HelloDPO Ltd.

If you ask the average person what the term “ad tech” means, they will probably reply “that is what companies use to send me marketing, follow me and listen to my calls!”. Ad tech does not ordinarily involve listening to people’s phone calls, however. It is the process by which advertising technology (ad tech) is used on devices, for example, your web browser, mobile device and even television to deliver advertising or content based on an individual’s profile such as their browsing history or purchases. Ad tech can take the form of digital banner adverts which appear, for example, when you are scrolling through an app or when you are watching advertisements on television. Yes these are targeted to you, you will not necessarily see the same advert as your neighbour!

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