Israel aims to retain its EU GDPR adequacy status

Gilad Semama, Head, Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority, told PL&B about the status of the law and how it is implemented. Stewart Dresner reports from Tel Aviv.

Israel’s privacy law dates back to 1981 and much has changed since then. In 2017, amendments to Israel’s privacy law had a focus on data security issues.

On 7 May this year, the government published the Privacy Protection Regulations (Instructions for Data that was Transferred to Israel from the European Economic Area), 5783-2023.(1) They cover the transfer of personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) to Israel and cover data deletion, retention, accuracy, the duty to inform data subjects about certain types of information, and sensitive data (special category data). These Regulations entered into force on 7 August 2023 for transfers of data from the EEA to Israel on or after this date. They will enter into force within one year of this date for data which is already in Israel on the date of entry into force; and on 1 January 2025 for any other data held in a database in Israel which also contains data that was transferred from the EEA, and for which the Regulations apply.

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