EU-US Data Privacy Framework has finally been adopted

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework restores an important legal basis for transferring data between the US and the EU. How does it work, and how might it evolve? By Asher Dresner and Laura Linkomies.

The revised EU-US Data Privacy Framework was adopted on 10 July and entered into force immediately.(1) While the EU says the improved framework should be able to stand any legal challenge, it is likely to be attacked again by campaigners.

Speaking in a Bird & Bird webinar on 20 July, Joaquín Muñoz, Partner at the firm’s Spanish office, explained that the deal is stronger than the previous Privacy Shield. This is partly due to regular reviews which aim at increased transparency. However, he thought that the framework is of “relative importance” as data transfers are nowadays global, and therefore transfers to the US are only part of the transfer chain.

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