China issues a comprehensive draft data privacy law

Draft PPIL marks a decade of evolution in the direction of a ‘European style’ law. By Graham Greenleaf.

The long-anticipated Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Personal Information (Draft)(1) (PPIL) was released by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (SC-NPC), the second-highest legislative body in China,(2) on 21 October 2020, for brief public consultation until 19 November 2020. If this law is considered a “basic law”’ it can only be enacted by the full NPC, not by the Standing Committee. It is expected that the revised draft will be submitted for enactment to the full NPC, the highest legislative body, at the earliest at its next annual session (in March 2021). However, further drafts may need to be considered by the SC-NPC, which normally meets every two months), so a delay until 2022 is possible. It will be the culmination of a decade-long evolution.

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