Whim travel app promotes responsible use of personal data

Laura Linkomies talked to Whim, the app developer in Helsinki, Finland, to find out how the company manages data protection issues related to its product.

Smart cities involve collecting vast amounts of data via devices and wireless sensors, including personal data. In Finland, a big part of the smart city development is sustainable and seamless travel by public transport. In a city which aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, 25% of trips are by public transportation. Bicycling, walking, and public transportation together are responsible for 62% of all trips(1). The well-established Helsinki city travel app has been now complemented by a private sector offering, Whim. The company has added private transport, city bikes, taxis and car hire to the existing publicly provided travel options – trains, buses, ferries and trams - and plans to apply its subscription- based business model globally.

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