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CCPA enforcement to start in July
EU issues White Paper on AI
EU Parliament committee on AI
Sweden fines Google €7 million
Telecoms data plan to monitor spread of coronavirus in EU
Google RTBF fine cancelled in France
Belgium’s DPA on direct marketing
Netherlands’ DPA fines tennis association €525,000
Clearview’s use of facial recognition
EU GDPR review delayed
Israel tracks people’s movements to battle coronavirus infections
Global DPAs: Data protection does not stop data sharing for Covid-19 purposes

California’s CCPA enforcement to start in July

A business coalition of more than 60 companies has written to California’s Attorney General (AG) asking him to delay the AG’s enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) for six months due to Coronavirus challenges. The CCPA is now in force and enforcement is to begin in July. However, the CCPA regulations have not yet been finalised. On 11 March the AG released a second set of modifications to the proposed regulations implementing the CCPA, giving stakeholders until 27 March to comment.

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