India’s data privacy Bill: Progressive principles, uncertain enforceability

The new Bill includes several notable changes from the previous version and should be followed closely not least due to the government’s EU adequacy aspirations, says Graham Greenleaf.

India’s Modi government has at long last submitted the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019(1) to India’s lower house, the Lok Sabha. The government Bill is based on the draft Bill (and Report(2)) prepared by the committee chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Srikrishna, but almost every clause of the ‘Srikrishna Bill’ is varied by this Bill. nevertheless, the structure of Srikrishna Bill, including its many influences from the EU’s GDPR, is largely retained. The Bill has now been referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee of both Houses, which has called for submissions on the Bill by 25 February 2020, and may take some oral evidence.(3)

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