PL&B International E-news, Issue 56

1. Privacy International criticises web company’s privacy policies

Privacy International this week issued a report heavily critical of leading web companies’ privacy policies. Describing the report as a consultation document, the highest ranking companies are the BBC and e-Bay and the lowest ranking company is Google. All are invited to respond to the research and findings.

Privacy International’s Gus Hosein, the BBC’s James Leaton Gray and Berlin’s Data Protection Commissioner, Dr. Alexander Dix, will discuss the findings at an additional session on Wednesday, July 4th at PL&B’s 20th Annual International Conference, July 2-4th at St. John’s College, Cambridge.

2. Spain’s largest ever data protection law fine

Spain’s Supreme Court confirmed on April 17th the highest ever fine imposed by the country’s Data Protection Agency. The 1,081,822 Euro fine was imposed against Zeppelin Television S.A. the producers of Spain’s Big Brother television programme for failing to protect the personal data of people applying to take part in the programme.

The details will be explained in PL&B’s International newsletter to be published next month.

3. European Commission reviews Argentina’s adequacy status

The European Commission has reviewed the countries, such as Switzerland and Canada, which has been declared “adequate” for the transfer of personal data from the European Economic Area. As part of the process, the review has shown Argentina to have several weaknesses, such as lack of independence of the Data Protection Commissioner, which means that its adequacy status may be withdrawn. If so, this will be the first country to have lost its adequacy status.

Privacy Laws & Business learns that the Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party is considering the evidence produced by a consultant before giving its recommendation to the European Commission.

Pablo Palazzi, Attorney, Cabanellas, Etchebarne, Kelly & dell’Oro Maini, Buenos Aires, Argentina, will give a presentation entitled: An assessment of data protection law in Argentina after the EU’s adequacy declaration: Which Latin countries are next? at PL&B’s 20th Annual International Conference, July 2-4th at St. John’s College, Cambridge.

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