EU regulation to be adopted very soon to iron out GDPR procedural issues

A draft EU "Procedural Regulation" aimed at improving the operation of the One-Stop-Shop and smoothing dispute resolution between the bloc's Data Protection Authorities will be adopted this summer.

The regulation will cover areas such as how complaints are submitted to DPAs, standardisation of requirements for information, and consistency regarding the involvement of complainants, but does not mean opening up the GDPR.
"This tool will allow us to harmonize sufficiently the elements in the procedure which are necessary so that the One-Stop-Shop and dispute resolution work more smoothly," Karolina Mojzesowicz, the Deputy Head of the unit responsible for data protection at the European Commission, told PL&B's 36th Annual International Conference in Cambridge.

Speaking at the same session was the new European Data Protection Board (EDPB) Chair Anu Talus, who said that the Board has so far taken 800 final decisions by consensus, and only 1 per cent of the cases end up in dispute resolution. The DPAs submitted their ‘wish list’ of issues to be further looked at in the One Stop Shop procedure to the European Commission in October 2022. Talus said she is pleased that the Commission has taken action so quickly.

The conference continues today.