Who’s Watching Me?

03 - 05 July 2023

St John's College, Cambridge, UK


The conference to challenge conventional wisdom and offer a great networking experience






Dates: 3 to 5 July 2023
St John's College, Cambridge, UK, and Online
CPE Credits: 
up to 12

Who’s Watching Me?

We are all connected to the Internet, in effect watching or following (monitoring) others and being watched or tracked by an unknown number of parties. How are privacy laws expanding their scope to keep up with and regulate an ever-expanding universe?

This conference will look at how different international privacy initiatives and national laws are being applied to both existing practices and new phenomena. To what extent are companies responding to changes in attitudes ranging from privacy fundamentalists to the privacy indifferent who just don’t care, or who find making privacy choices too complex a process.

Watching in the sense of monitoring and tracking is now at the core of the world’s advertising economy. What kind of personal data is collected? How is it processed and used? What is the role of Artificial Intelligence? To what extent are the benefits shared between the watchers and the people being watched?

The conference will have sessions from regulators, companies and law firms which will address these issues from different countries and perspectives, assess grey areas and look at future trends.

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