Poland's Data Protection Law: Trends, Risks & Opportunities

23 - 25 February 2021

Online Event


Your guide to applying the law correctly when doing business in Poland.

This English language event brings together speakers from Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office (UODO); companies; and the leading law firm focused on data protection, Kobylanska Lewoszewski Mednis.

Over two 2 hour sessions, you will learn:

  1. How the GDPR has been interpreted by UODO in areas most relevant to business
  2. The most common challenges faced by companies
  3. How the experienced legal team at Kobylanska Lewoszewski Mednis has helped their clients overcome typical legal issues by a combination of long experience and knowing how to handle negotiations with the regulators to achieve their mutual aims of compliance with the law together with workable management solutions.

The programme includes subjects of most relevance to companies:

Session Date Title
1 23 February The Polish GDPR experience: privacy notices, consent and retention periods
2 23 February Landmark GDPR enforcement actions in Poland
3 25 February Employee relations under the GDPR and the Polish labour law. How the Polish DPA and other regulatory bodies approach COVID-19?
4 25 February Action points for DPOs and companies operating in Poland

There is time allocated to questions in all sessions.

4 CPE credits available

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