The rise and rise of DSARs

DSARs are used tactically as a pre-disclosure fishing exercise prior to litigation. Emma Erskine-Fox of TLT advises on how to manage the higher numbers of DSARs being made.

Data subject access requests (DSARs) have been causing compliance headaches for organisations for many years, and continue to be on the rise. Headlines over the summer about high-profile individuals exercising their subject access rights have led to increased public awareness that the rights exist, and a corresponding uptick in DSARs for many businesses. Organisations within the financial services sector, in particular, are also seeing continued challenges in managing bulk DSARs submitted by claims management companies (CMCs), often in the context of ­anticipated litigation.

There is no doubt that responding to DSARs, particularly bulk DSARs, can be a difficult, and often daunting, task. But there are ways that data controllers can make their lives easier when it comes to their DSAR processes, and put themselves in the best possible position to respond efficiently, effectively and compliantly.

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