Who’s watching us on the street?

Clear Channel aims to balance commercial objectives and privacy interests when managing privacy-friendly electronic billboard advertising in prime locations around the world. Merrill Dresner reports.

Clear Channel UK is one of the largest “Out of Home” (OOH) advertising companies in the UK, and has worldwide one million screens in 21 countries on four continents. The 130,000 screens in Europe appear in a wide variety of environments including transit hubs, airports, town centres, toilets and bus stops, creating a diverse portfolio of advertising assets. What data do these digital Out of Home screens process? How does Clear Channel use data to help businesses advertise more effectively?

Clear Channel provides advertising customers with a platform to display adverts on the OOH media, a platform for brands. It is also a public infrastructure company managing 17,000 digital screens, and over 130,000 advertising spaces in total which includes billboards and digital towers, street furniture such as bus shelters and phone kiosks and other digital panels located in malls and transport hubs. Advertising revenues fund this public infrastructure and Clear Channel provides tools and data to enable businesses to select the right locations to advertise their products more effectively in a transparent and ethical way as a platform for good. “We are a platform for brands and also a platform for good,” said Andy Stevens, Chief Data Officer, “and these two sides of our business mutually depend on each other in order to exist”.

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