PL&B conference assesses the pros and cons of the DPDI Bill

There was limited enthusiasm from large organisations for the Bill’s aims for a lighter compliance regime as their EU involvement means retaining GDPR standards. By Laura Linkomies.

What are the benefits for large organisations of the proposed Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) No. 2 Bill? According to the government, cost savings, easier accountability requirements to manage and less red tape. According to our small sample of organisations speaking and attending PL&B’s 36th Annual International Conference, these benefits are difficult to see, as most would apply GDPR-level protection across their European markets – it would not make sense to create a separate regime for the UK. Our unscientific show-of-hands survey at the conference seemed to indicate that the majority would prefer to retain the current UK GDPR, although admittedly there are benefits for SMEs and research organisations in the Bill.

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