How Bumble works with an external DPO to manage personal data

Dating apps collect very sensitive information, including identity data, sexual preferences, political affiliation etc. How does Bumble look after their subscribers’ personal data? By Asher Dresner.

Bumble is a dating app and the flagship product of the Bumble Group. At PL&B’s 36th Annual Conference, the Group’s Global Head of Privacy, Teodora Pimpireva Tapping, and Jenai Nissim and Alison Deighton from DPO-as-a-service provider HelloDPO Law Ltd discussed how the company deals with data protection challenges and works with HelloDPO as its external DPO.

Bumble offers a suite of apps centred around matching and dating. They include Bumble Date, the Group’s flagship matchmaking app; BFF, which matches friends, and other apps for organising dates and games. Most of the dating apps’ revenue comes from premium subscriptions, as opposed to adverts.

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