Ghost in the machine: Guidance on using AI recruitment systems

Edward Machin of Ropes & Gray assesses how the Information Commissioner’s guidance on artificial intelligence and data protection applies to organisations’ recruitment practices.

In 2012, the American software engineer and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen predicted that the rise of the Internet would put jobs in two categories: people who tell computers what to do, and people who are told what to do by computers. With that prediction continuing to prove correct, I wonder whether there is a similar prognostication to be made on the ubiquity of artificial intelligence (AI). The recent ChatGPT(1) phenomenon is merely the latest in a steady stream of new uses for AI – from selfie apps and insurance models, to robotic surgery and public transport security. Unsurprisingly, given the use of personal data in many of these applications, AI is a growing area of focus for data protection regulators and ­practitioners alike.

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