ICO advises ‘DeepTech’ company in Sandbox about compliance with DP law and the Children’s Code

Laura Linkomies reports on maximising social and economic benefits from data sharing whilst staying within data protection law and the ICO's Children’s Code.

Use of AI, when delivering care to mental health patients, including children, is a potential minefield from the privacy perspective. This is exactly why FlyingBinary, a “DeepTech”(1) company applied to participate in the ICO’s Sandbox prior to the coding for the development and deployment of its app.

The company entered the ICO Sandbox in November 2020 to develop an app to assist with the care of mental health patients with pathologies such as eating disorders. FlyingBinary and the ICO agreed the content of FlyingBinary’s bespoke Sandbox plan in March 2021, and the company exited the ­Sandbox in April 2022.

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