How to be a decent DPO

Anyone in the role of a Data Protection Officer know that it is not an easy job – especially after the GDPR and Brexit, and under the pandemic. By Laura Linkomies.

Martin Hoskins, who has three decades of experience as a DPO in various large organisations, is sharing some of his experience in a book.

The book, How to be a Decent DPO contains 14 letters to aspiring privacy pros. Martin Hoskins has kindly provided extracts for PL&B from his final letter, entitled ‘Never Give Up?’

You should know when to move on. It’s necessary to know when something that’s meant a great deal to you has reached its natural endpoint, and that the most creative choice would be to turn to what’s next.

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged many data protection professionals: What is clear is that the pandemic stripped jobs of their bells and whistles – flash offices and travel – and for some what was left was a poor work/life balance and an unfulfilling role. A lot of people realised they were in bullshit jobs that involved a lot of emails and not a lot else, commented historian Dr Eliza Filby.(1)

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