DCMS plan for digital regulation: From declarations to actions

What will the future UK digital framework look like? By Camilla Ravazzolo of the Market Research Society.

In the summer of nessun dorma at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) the plans for delivering against the commitments made in the National Data Strategy have blossomed. In the summer of yours truly, keeping up with them has been…interesting. First of all because I am at a turning point: it is now absolutely imperative to stop assessing UK’s intentions and inclinations against the EU background. It’s over.

The UK wishes to drive growth and unlock innovation by pursuing data opportunities, creating a regime that doesn’t just focus on privacy, but unleashes the power of data across the whole of the economy and society(1). I am genuinely curious and excited to see these plans put into action! It’s the dawn of new opportunities, new partnerships, new instruments – what’s not to like?

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