Is cookie audit automation your get out of jail card?

We have been talking about cookies for years, yet the privacy issues remain. It is estimated that most companies in the UK are still not compliant. By Laura Linkomies.

Customer loyalty is becoming more and more crucial as many companies are struggling with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to their business. According to the UK Data and Direct Marketing Association, public trust in brands and marketing is decreasing due to the pandemic. Also, 57% of marketing and data industry professionals now believe that Test and Trace will negatively impact consumer willingness to share personal data. With this background, how can organisations build websites that provide useful analytics, and plan successful marketing campaigns?

“Not all cookies are bad”, says Lawrence Shaw, CEO of Rethinking Privacy. “Some are essential for functionality, but transparency is key – providing clear information on what data is collected. This demonstrates business integrity but also breeds customer trust. Privacy is about building trust, not mere compliance.”

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