Collective actions build against Google, BA, Ticketmaster, Equifax

A Group Litigation Order has been issued on British Airways with an extension to claim time, and Equifax faces representative action. By Laura Linkomies.

After a slow start, we are now seeing representative action in the data protection field in the UK. The Lloyd v Google case has significant importance for representative action in general as the Court of Appeal recently decided that even if someone has not suffered financial or emotional damage as a result of loss or unauthorised access to their personal data, they can make a claim. Simply losing ­control of one’s ­personal ­information is sufficient grounds.

The Google case goes back to 2011-2012 and the use of cookies on Apple’s Safari web browser to collect personal information on the users. This data included financial details but also information about health, race, ethnicity, and sexuality. Google may appeal to the Supreme Court.

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