Privacy policy reflects Friends of the Earth’s organisational culture

Friends of the Earth (FOE) has successfully updated its privacy policy to reflect the requirements of the GDPR, but in Plain English. Laura Linkomies reports.

Friends of the Earth’s (FOE) privacy policy is a good example of a policy that is understandable to the general public whether they have any previous knowledge of data protection or not. The policy can be read from top to bottom in 13 minutes – this is stated at the top of the policy – and it avoids any legal jargon. The supporter-centric thinking in the whole organisational context informed much of FOE’s GDPR compliance. rewriting the privacy policy was a team effort for the organisation with no dedicated compliance team. The current policy is a culmination of six drafts and work by many departments, Paul Crotch-Harvey, DPO at the time, told PL&B in an interview.

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