Interim reports issued on online targeting and bias in algorithmic decision-making

The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) has published interim reports on its two major reviews into online targeting and bias in algorithmic decision-making.

The CDEI is in a unique position to explore the issues of bias and targeting, given its independence, its cross-sector remit, and its mandate to provide recommendations
to government, CDEI says. “we have purposely taken different approaches to the reviews: the targeting review focuses on specific themes within online targeting and the bias review focuses on specific sectors. This allows us to understand and analyse the landscape through various lenses, with a view to developing robust and thorough recommendations in our final reports.”

The next steps are publication of a series of snapshot papers on deep fakes, AI and insurance, smart speakers and facial recognition technology, to be published from late August, and a report on ethical frameworks for data sharing, to be published in the autumn.

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