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OECD amends its AI principles
Brazil launches an AI sandbox pilot
EU adopts AI Act
Council of Europe adopts AI treaty
EDPB wants to multiply EU adequacy decisions
UK Parliament seeks views on EU-UK adequacy
EDPB adopts preliminary views on ChatGPT
Italy issues an AI Bill

OECD amends its AI principles

In response to recent developments in AI technologies, especially general-purpose
and generative AI, the OECD has updated its AI Principles from 2019. The new aspects include:

• Reflecting the growing importance of addressing mis- and disinformation, and safeguarding information integrity in the context of generative AI.
• Emphasising responsible business conduct throughout the AI system lifecycle, involving co-operation with suppliers of AI knowledge and AI resources, AI system users, and other stakeholders.
• Clarifying the information regarding AI systems that constitute transparency and responsible disclosure.
• Underscoring the need for jurisdictions to work together to promote interoperable governance and policy environments for AI.

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