Slovenia finally adopts a new Data Protection Act

The new law has been in force since 26 January 2023. Urša Horvat Kous of Jadek & Pensa reports from Slovenia.

For a long time, Slovenia has been the only EU Member State still failing to adopt a new Data Protection Act that would supplement and transpose the GDPR to its legal system. In 2022, the European Commission sent two reasoned opinions to Slovenia for failing to implement important obligations under the GDPR and also for not making it possible for its Data Protection Authority (the Information Commissioner or IPRS) to use all its corrective powers under the GDPR.(1) While the pressure from the European Commission might have had certain influence on the law finally being passed, the adoption of the new law could also be the consequence of the 2022 elections and the forming of a new government and national assembly which has passed many laws in the past few months.

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