Global data privacy 2023: DPA networks almost everywhere

While European data protection authorities have a long history of cooperation, new networks have been created based on geographical proximity, language or interests. By Graham Greenleaf.

The networks of Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and (as they are sometimes called) Privacy Enforcement Agencies (PEAs) have continued to expand their membership, and in 2022 started a post-Covid revival of their activities, particularly international in-person meetings. This article continues the analysis of global data privacy laws in 2021-22,(1) emphasising the creation of DPAs/PEAs, and analysing the networks of which most of them are members. There is a focus on the 17 countries that have enacted new data privacy laws in 2021-22, and updates to laws creating DPAs, such as in Indonesia.(2) The article is complemented by the details of the networks set out in the 2023 Global Tables of Data Privacy Laws and Bills(3).

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