Get rewarded for giving your data away? The rise of ‘neobrowsers’

Targeting and profiling of individuals with the help of adtech is now turned around to consumers’ benefit. Juliette Faivre reports on Gener8 and Brave.

The abuse of power by advertisers, and ever-more sophisticated profiling, has led to multiple privacy scandals in the last few years. In Europe, lawmakers have adopted regulations to draw a line between acceptable and unacceptable advertising behaviours. The EU GDPR (2016), and Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (2002) have led to landmark shifts in the sphere of data protection, especially for those firms profiting from personalised, yet sometimes intrusive customer experiences. Adtech is watched closely by regulators, as recent examples by Belgian(1), Irish, Italian and Spanish DPAs show(2). The UK ICO has also done much work in this area - it issued an opinion on adtech in November 2021 and its investigations continue.(3)

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