Codes of Conduct: Achieving convergence and legal certainty

Souzana Georgopoulou reports on perspectives for developing GDPR Codes of Conduct.

The divergent data protection and other legal requirements across different sectors and countries, and the rise of data subject and consumer organisation complaints understandably cause some concern and uncertainty to organisations that want to ascertain and prove their compliance with the GDPR. In the quest for more consistency and legal certainty, Codes of Conduct (CoCs) come into play. In Winds of Change, the Privacy Laws & Business 35th Anniversary International Conference, Dr Gerald Trieb, Partner at Knyrim Trieb Attorneys at Law in Austria, Antoine Bon, Legal Adviser and Secretariat at Belgium’s Data Protection Authority and Chris Taylor, Head of Assurance at the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), discussed their experiences with CoCs. They also provided an insight into the operation of CoCs and their advantages as a mechanism for demonstrating accountability and compliance.

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