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Italy fines Facebook €7 million
EU and South Korea complete adequacy talks
DPAs on Covid passports
Russia amends DP law
CNIL names top priorities
Data breach points to Facebook
The EU ready to intensify talks with the US on a new Privacy Shield
US Congressional report on the assessment of Schrems II
Germany: Bavarian DPA offers practical insights into Schrems II
EDPB and EDPS publish their opinion on vaccination passports
Denmark legislates on data ethics

Italy fines Facebook €7 million for competition and data issues

Italy’s Council of State which has jurisdiction on acts of all administrative authorities has fined Facebook €7 million for not complying with a request to correct improper commercial practices in its treatment of user data. The decision of 29 March says that given the economic value of the data for Facebook, Facebook users should have been able to decide for themselves whether their data should be used.

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