Buying and selling personal data directly from consumers

Are data marketplaces the wrong direction for data privacy? Selling one’s personal data is OK as long as there is revocable consent, says Sanna Toropainen of

Personal data markets stir conversation, with different intermediaries such as Clture and already providing a possibility for consumers to exchange their data for discounts or cash. However, the legal consequences of selling one’s data are not clear – do you still have your right to privacy after selling your data? (PL&B UK July 2013 p. 19).

In the US, Clture pays consumers for access to their Netflix video streaming information. The data is sold on the company’s business intelligence site to other companies. In Europe, pays users £0.08 for behavioural metadata, and £0.12 per company specific question answered on the application. positions itself as an ethical consumer insights company, sourcing the data directly from the consumers and compensating them for answering questions on their platform.

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