The EU is forming its AI policy

As the EU is preparing a coordinated approach to developing and adopting artificial intelligence (AI), the question remains whether we need additional regulation. By Laura Linkomies.

The European Commission outlined initial policy options in its AI white paper in February(1), and is now evaluating public feedback with a view to issuing a report in the coming days, and a legislative proposal on AI in the first quarter of 2021.

The Center for Data Innovation organised a webinar for stakeholders to take stock of the different perspectives and assess whether the EU AI white paper includes the right tools to strengthen EU competitiveness and innovation.

Irina Orssich, Team leader AI in the Unit Technologies and Systems for Digitizing Industry, DG Connect, European Commission, said that it should closely cooperate with Member States. Results of the consultation show that trust is paramount. A very low percentage of respondents thought that current legislation is sufficient. On the question whether the EU should regulate only high risk processing, a small majority thought so. Biometrics may need specific rules, she said.

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