GDPR’s implementation within Federal Public Service Finance – Belgium

Johanna Pezechkian of Federal Public Service Finance describes the steps taken towards compliance, and the challenges faced in one of the largest Belgian federal administrations.

FPS Finance processes the data of all Belgian taxpayers with a view to collecting tax. In addition to tax and data on inheritance, FPS deals with banking and judicial data of taxpayers in the context of tax reimbursements or the imposition of administrative fines. FPS Finance also processes personal data relating to its 20,716 employees. In 2019, the office dealt with 530 data protection enquiries, including SARs and complaints.

With the introduction of the GDPR, the Federal Public Service Finance (FPS Finance) had to adapt the governance of the personal data under its responsibility in order to fulfil the new requirements introduced by the GDPR. This was extensive work considering its scope, the nature of the data processed and the number of data processing operations carried out. What has been the organisational impact of the GDPR? How has FPS Finance implemented the GDPR within its organisation? What actions have been carried out by FPS Finance in order to achieve this objective? What challenges will it have to meet to ensure the continuity of its actions and to optimise the supervision of its data processing? This article highlights some of the work done in a constantly changing environment.

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