Jersey to stay in the European mainstream for data protection

Jersey is not satisfied with merely being adequate with EU DP law. Dr Jay Fedorak, Jersey Information Commissioner explains.

Jersey is staying in the European mainstream in the field of data protection. This is part of a shift to diversify its foreign policy, which traditionally has over-relied on the United Kingdom. Jersey aspires to retain its European adequacy designation to ensure the continuing flow of personal data from Europe. By implementing a GDPR data protection regime, the Jersey government demonstrates that it is not satisfied with merely being adequate. Instead, it endeavours to meet the highest European standards in the text of its laws, the effectiveness of its supervisory authority and the level of compliance among the community. In my opinion, Jersey values data protection and understands its benefits as well as anywhere in the world and strives in good faith to provide a level that is effective and appropriate to the size and nature of the community. Jersey’s close alignment with GDPR forms part of a general economic strategy to demonstrate that it is a well-regulated jurisdiction.

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