UK issues AI White Paper

The government has today published a White Paper entitled A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation. It is not intending to introduce legislation in this field for the time being, and this principles-based approach will be implemented by existing regulators.

“This approach makes use of regulators’ domain-specific expertise to tailor the implementation of the principles to the specific context in which AI is used. During the initial period of implementation, we will continue to collaborate with regulators to identify any barriers to the proportionate application of the principles, and evaluate whether the non-statutory framework is having the desired effect,” the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology says.

When parliamentary time allows, it is expected that a statutory duty will be imposed on regulators, requiring them to have due regard to the principles. Legislation will not be introduced if, in light of evidence, implementation is effective.

In the six months following publication of the White Paper, the government will issue initial guidance to regulators.

A consultation on the White Paper is open until 21 June 2023.

See the White Paper

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