UK adults try to hide data from businesses but would share it if their privacy were guaranteed

Some 47% of people surveyed would be happy to share personal data with Internet companies if their privacy were guaranteed, the ICO’s annual tracking survey for 2016 reveals. 61% said that they do try to hide their personal data when using Internet services.

People are most worried that their personal details end up with criminals. The second most worrying aspect is nuisance and cold calls, followed by data being sold to other companies for marketing purposes.

The majority of UK adults believe that data protection issues should be taught in schools. While 97% of adults are aware of the DP Act, only 16% are aware of the EU DP Regulation. 13% have requested a copy of their personal details. However, only 1 in 4 UK adults trust businesses with their personal information. High street banks are the most trusted, internet brands the least.