PL&B UK E-news, Issue 45

1. Scottish National Party in breach of privacy regulations

The Information Tribunal has decided that the ban on automated, unsolicited marketing calls to telephone numbers registered with the Telephone Preference Service applies also to political parties. The Tribunal’s view is that an opposing view would have a wide impact as other not-for-profit organisations could claim to be in the same position. The Tribunal reminded interested parties that the Information Commissioner had, in fact, written to all political parties before the general election 2005 advising them how he interprets the 2003 Regulations.

See the Tribunal’s decisions.

2. Half of UK companies fail to explain rules on e-mail use

Half of all UK companies whose employees use e-mail fail to explain the e-mail policies to their staff. This is surprising given that almost two thirds of companies perform regular e-mail audits, and a third has sacked an employee because of private e-mail use. The survey, which was carried out by a messaging security company Proofpoint Inc., also reveals that companies estimate every fifth outgoing e-mail to include content that poses a regulatory, legal or financial risk. The report states that more than a third of large UK companies (more than 1,000 employees) have therefore hired someone to read outgoing mail.

3. Barclays to offer free anti-virus software to its customers

Barclays will be the first UK bank to provide its online customers with anti-virus software free of charge. The bank, which has 1.6 million Internet banking customers in the UK, has signed a contract with the Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure as part of its fight against identity fraud. The anti-virus cover would normally cost £45 for two years.

Read more about the deal in the next UK newsletter (July-August).

4. Apply for public sector excellence award

The Information Commissioner’s Office invites public sector organisations to apply for an award for best practice in European public services. The award, run by the Madrid Data Protection Agency, aims to increase awareness of best practice in data protection around Europe.

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