PL&B International E-news, Issue 92

1. eBay’s BCR application approved

14 EU Data Protection Authorities have approved eBay’s Binding Corporate Rules application. The BCR’s, which apply both to customer and employee data, were formally approved by the lead authority, Luxembourg. 13 other EU Member States gave their approval under the mutual recognition procedure. This is the first time that the Luxembourg privacy commission (CNPD) has acted as lead authority.

Scott Shipman, the Global Privacy Leader for eBay Inc, said: “We are excited to have met this major European data privacy milestone and to have been the first eCommerce company to do so. We are delighted at this recognition of our commitment to high privacy standards for our employees and customers. Data protection and privacy remains a key focus for eBay Inc as we continue to foster users’ trust in our online platforms. The cooperation and communication eBay received from the CNPD and the other DPAs was greatly appreciated and made the project a success.”

The President of the CNPD, Gerard Lommel stated, “We were very pleased with the exceptional work provided by eBay, by the quality of the documents elaborated and by the constructive dialogue in the process of validation and implementation of eBay’s binding corporate rules, and are proud to have brought the international coordination procedure to a successful end.”

The company received the approval in less than 12 months.

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