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1. Peter Hustinx reappointed as EU Data Protection Supervisor and Giovanni Buttarelli appointed as Assistant EU DP Supervisor

It was announced on 23rd December that Peter Hustinx has been reappointed for a second five year term as EU Data Protection Supervisor and that Dr. Giovanni Buttarelli has been appointed as Assistant EU DP Supervisor also for a five year term.

The appointments were made by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers from a list drawn up by the European Commission. Dr. Buttarelli tells PL&B International that he expects to start his new position in late January. He has played an important role in keeping PL&B informed of news from Italy for over 20 years and also a major role when PL&B’s European Privacy Officers Network held its Roundtable with Italy’s Data Protection Authority on November 27th 2003.

He brings long experience to his new position. He has been a judge since 1986 and drafted Italy’s privacy bill passed in 1996. He has been Secretary General at Italy’s Data Protection Authority (“Garante per la protezione dei dati personali”) since the office was established in 1997.

In the 2002 to 2003 period he was the President of the Joint Supervisory Authority set up by the Schengen Agreement, after being its Vice-President in 2000-2001, and a member since 1994.

He has represented Italy on many commissions and working groups both at European Union level, including the Art. 29 Working Group, the Art. 31 Committee Directive N. 95/46/EC, and at the Council of Europe (T-PD; CJ-PD and DH-S-AC). During the EU Italian Presidency period (1996), he chaired the European Union Council Working Group which drew up Directive no. 97/66/EC on the protection of privacy in the telecommunications sector.

He drafted as a consultant the “Report containing guiding principles for the protection of individuals with regard to the collection and processing of data by means of video surveillance” (2003), after which the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) adopted a list of Guiding Principles at its 78th meeting (20-23 May 2003).

He was a member of the Committee - set up in a decree by Italy’s Public Administration Minister - that drew up the 2003 Personal Data Protection Code.

He also has wide experience of other areas of law, having served as a member of several Ministerial and inter-Ministerial committees in Italy concerning Community fraud, de-criminalisation, reformation of tax and computer crime laws, and access to confidential records, including the Commission for the Study of Laws Concerning Digitalisation of Public Administrative Agencies.

He teaches privacy at university level and has spoken at many conferences, including Privacy Laws & Business Annual International Conferences in Cambridge, most recently in 2007.

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