PL&B International E-news, Issue 55

1. Dubai’s Data Protection Commissioner demands registration by 30th June

Dubai is moving quickly to put its data protection regime fully into effect. First came the law (PL&B International January 2007 p.1) and then on March 1st the regulations (PL&B International May 2007 p. 30). Now, on May 29th comes an Enforcement and Compliance Notice. This directs all Dubai International Financial Centre entities “both regulated and non-regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority” to register with the Commissioner of Data Protection “and comply with all applicable provisions of the Law.” The deadline is 30th June 2007. Any entities non-compliant after that date “shall be subject to fines and penalties.”

Dr Nasser Saidi, Dubai’s Data Protection Commissioner, will give a presentation at PL&B’s 20th Annual International Conference, July 2-4th at St. John’s College, Cambridge to explain the Law, the Regulations and the fines and penalties.

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