PL&B conference discusses privacy at the Paris Olympics

France’s Data Protection Authority, the CNIL, says that it is carrying out checks before, during and after the Olympic and Paralympic Games to ensure that spectators’ privacy is guaranteed. The CNIL will, in particular, focus on "augmented" camera devices; QR codes for restricted areas; ticketing services; and volunteer data.

The regulator announced in February 2024 that it would be carrying out an investigation into the Olympic Games. The CNIL said that if it finds any breaches of privacy law during its inspections, it is likely to use all the enforcement mechanisms at its disposal.

Surveillance and privacy at major public events is a topic that will be discussed on 1 July at the Privacy Laws & Business 37th International Conference in Cambridge. Speakers include the CNIL’s Director for Economic Co-Regulation, Sophie Nerbonne.


The conference takes place 1-3 July. Online access is still available.