New multiple regulator Sandbox pilot starts next year

The UK government has announced a new scheme to help organisations demonstrate that their AI and digital innovations meet regulatory requirements.

The multiple regulator Sandbox trial is expected to last around a year. Businesses will be invited to apply in due course.

Backed by substantial Government funding, the 'DRCF AI and Digital Hub' service will be run by members of the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum (DRCF), made up of the Information Commissioner’s Office, Ofcom, the Competition and Markets Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, and known as DRCF AI and Digital Hub.

Kate Jones, DRCF CEO, said:

“The DRCF welcomes [today’s] announcement by Government. The DRCF AI and Digital Hub is an exciting new initiative which will help businesses get coordinated advice from regulators, enabling them to launch new products more quickly and efficiently. It is an excellent demonstration of the benefits of collaboration between regulators, which is what the DRCF was set up to achieve.”

See the announcement of 19 September: