MPs scrutinise Big Data

Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee is currently conducting an inquiry that examines the opportunities and risks of 'Big Data'. The inquiry, which sought written submissions by 3 September, looks at ‘whether the government is doing enough to ensure that UK entrepreneurs can benefit from the data revolution, while looking at issues around data protection and privacy.’ Oral evidence sessions will take place after the party conferences, most likely around mid-October. List of individuals invited to give oral evidence will be announced later.

Nicola Blackwood MP, Chair of the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee, said: “This inquiry will be weighing up how we can open up opportunities in big data for entrepreneurs, while ensuring that consumers feel their private data is protected. Questions remain about how companies obtain consent for the use of personal data and whether the governance of our new information economy is keeping pace with the technology."

PL&B UK Report’s September issue, published today, discusses how the proposal for the EU Data Protection Regulation is likely to impact Big Data and data analytics.